While a logo many times delivers a professional, corporate image, there are many instances when individual letters are more appropriate, or more convenient.


There are also different materials to suit your needs, ranging from the relatively inexpensive foam to solid metal and architectural (fabricated, non-solid) letters, which are costlier but also longer lasting.

Individual letters can be either standardized or custom-made.

Standardized letters will satisfy most customers’ needs; prices vary according to the size, material and the manufacturing process used. An advantage of standardized letters is that you know exactly how much you will need to spend, so you can tailor your order to your budget. Also, you can have your letters ready in a short period of time.

Custom letters become a necessity when the specifications for the sign (size, typestyle, material, thickness, etc.) cannot be met with standardized letters. All custom work is priced by quote only, and have a longer lead time than standardized letters. All custom jobs with a lead time of less than 2 weeks are (and some with a longer lead time, depending on the project) are considered rush jobs, and sometimes can be produced at additional cost.