Our cast department is ready and able to manufacture all kinds of letters, signs, and displays where high detail, low cost and large quantities are key. Our model-making department will be hapy to assist you with the creation of original masters. Just call or e-mail us to discuss the different available options.



Cut-out solid plastic letters are ideal for projects requiring thicknesses of less than 1 in. They are less expensive than fabricated and metal (cast or cut-out) and can be easily customized. They are ideal for highly customized logos with intricate designs.





PLEXIGLASS               PVC



Formed Plastic letters and logos are thermoformed from cellulose acetate butyrate (C.A.B.), a wood and cotton-based recyclable plastic that is weather and impact-resistant and flexible. Both standardized and custom letters & logos are available. They are also relatively inexpensive.formed-1


Minnesota Letters are produced using virgin Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (C.A.B.), which is derived from cotton and wood fabrics. This material has UV protection and is stronger and more durable than acrylic or plexiglass.

These letters have mirror-smooth faces, clean edges, and razor sharp returns, which makes them great alternatives for indoor applications (since they look great even at a close distance) as well as outdoor uses. They are also perfect for displays, as they are light and durable. molded-1