Plexiglass is the best plastic for acquiring the best finish. This material is a great choice for up-close, eye-level sign or logo. Its cost is higher than that of foam, but lower than that of metal.

It can be cut, sanded, painted, faced with metal veneers and high polished to a water-like finish. Thicknesses range from 0.125 in to 4 in. or more. It can be also fabricated like metal for depth and lower weight. Many standard solid and translucent colors are available.

In addition, plexiglass can be combined with other materials, such as metal, foam, or PVC, either as the “base” or as the “face” of the letter, depending on the desired effect.


  • Cut-out letters are provided with easy “do it yourself” installation instructions, template, and wall-mounted hardware.
  • Letters & logos priced only through individual quotes. For logos, you must provide camera-ready artwork or EPS file for an accurate quote.
  • Letters & logos include installation hardware and template.