Sign Tips & Tools

  1. Upload my files
    Go to our Upload page.
  2. Resolution:
    The optimal resolutions to print on our  printers is 180 to 360ppi.
  3. Turnaround time?
    See our Midnight Express Section.
  4. Installation:
    We install all your signs. Call for details .
  5. Shipping:
    If you need signs shipped, we can do that too. Do you need to ship it locally or overseas? Just leave it to us.
  6. Storage:
    We have a facility that can keep your signage in storage  until you need it. Do you need to store your seasonal displays?  Call for a quote.
  7. More Information:
    For more tips and tools or answers to questions you may have, contact one of our friendly Customer Representatives at (310) 644-7999. Or use our contact form here.